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U-Cont Ltd closed a deal of carrying out a new self service filling station chain to Norway with Norwegian Filling Station company Uno-X. By the agreement U-Cont Ltd will deliver all the chain's Uno-X Light type filling station prefab elements including structural units tanks, piping, electricity and design of all. The deal is the biggest single contract company’s 44 year history and one of the biggest filling station deliveries ever made in
Northern Europe. The total number of filling stations will at level of one hundred  depending of local approvals.

U-Cont Ltd has delivered different kind of systems that are put together in factory for not only filling stations but also for waste to bio ethanol production plants, asphalt factory units, power plants and different needs of industry. ”We have developed our operations systematically towards new services that include also the planning and development of customer's business. The Norway's deal is a great example of the significance of wide service in making a deal in today's difficult competitive situation. Our Norwegian customer bases it's trust on us on ten years of acquaintanceship. Uno-X directors understood the great potential for cost reduction and quality improvement that can be achieve by using in genuine systematically designed, industrial model of prefabricated operations instead of traditional model of construction. The deal gives us a good take-off board away from the recession. The manufacturing of the filling stations takes over about a third of our factory's capacity so there will be left a lot of space for other needs when the amount of investments will rise. The right volume will also give volume effectiveness advantage for our customers who's needs aren't this big.” states Jari Sistonen, the managing director of U-Cont Ltd.


The first ten filling stations will be manufactured by June.

Trial installation in Norway.

More information Jari Sistonen +358-405510580