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Service Products

Research & testing

Our research and testing services are mostly linked to our products’ usefulness, safety and durability. Testing on flammability and explosiveness with full size testing station in Kuopio and corrosion tests with different factory components both work as an example of our research and testing services.

Product development and innovating

We have innovated, developed products and especially business concept based solutions in hundreds different kinds of projects for distinct needs and customers.
For instance you can give us the following kinds of assignments:
- Develop the most cost effective solution for a new chain of filling stations with these variables; goalprice, sales and geographical location.
- We have developed a new way of producing biofuels. We would like you to carry out our factory process’ plant in association with us based on our designed processdiagram.
- We need to storage units to new freezable and perishable product and the solution must be available with these costs.


- In U-Cont design frequently follows product development directly but often design means already developed solutions’ fitting in the environment in question. We design using efficient program Solid Works that allow us modulate planning. This means significant saves on the design- and other costs and improves the quality of the design.


- In production services we take care of heavy steel structures, demanding corrosion protection and assembling. Other parts, such as electrics, plastic parts and concrete are made by our net of high-quality partners. Our production lines basic idea imitates car factories that make it easy to carry out the benefits of serialproduction when producing only one tailored modul.

Logistic services

- Our way is to take care of customers’ projects’ logistics using our factories advanced processing devices for heavy and also lighter components and taking advantage of our good location near main arteries. We also have room for your products’ storage. We in U-Cont are able to take both customers’ and our own products in the appointed place at the agreed time in reasonable price and without giving the customer any reason for a headache.


- The best example on our installation services efficiency is a world record on constructing a filling station that no one has beaten in over ten years. We carried out the installation of a normal two pump island filling station including ground works in less than three days. All this at freezing -14oC temperature. We can develop your installation work to a more effective and better quality direction with efficient design and project tools and with optimizing more work to factory.

After completion –services

- After completion we offer update and both overhaul and relocation for the products.