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Our values are: Responsibility, Profitable Performance, Customer Orientation, and Continuous Improvement.

We assume responsibility for all projects that are challenging in terms of the environment and safety. We install each piece of equipment as if we were constructing it in our own backyard. [image]

We employ modulation, rapidness and flexibility as means to profitable performance. Modulation enables us to manufacture and deliver our products and services rapidly. The most important tools for enhancing flexibility are our multi-skilled professionals and the flexible structure of our production line. Put together, these elements make it possible to deliver effective service to our customers without overlooking our own financial performance.

Our strong customer orientation dates back to the teachings of the company’s founder Reijo Sistonen. In his work, Reijo regarded customer satisfaction as the most important value – one that always came before even his own needs. For Reijo, the customer was always a person first and a company second.

Trading is always carried out by people. We are a down-to-earth, hospitable company that has always been easily approachable to everyone.

Continuous improvement has been, and always will be, an internal necessity for the company. The stories of refuse turned to barbecue pans, a world record in the filling station construction speed and the successful completion of even the most challenging of projects are not just luck; instead, their foundation rests on hard work and in an operating culture that relentlessly strives to find an increasingly better solution.